CNA Practice Test – Skills and Written

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CNA Practice Test

CNA Practice Test

Individuals who aspire to someday make it big in the healthcare industry can choose Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) as a good career option. With ever-increasing competition, it is wise for the candidate to participate in CNA practice test| training sessions in order to gain an idea of the actual certification test required to be cleared.

Outline of CNA Exam:

There are two main components which are to be considered for taking a CNA Exam, the first being the clinical skills test (CST), which is hands-on, wherein the candidate is to perform certain tasks assuming the candidate were on the job, following which the instructor will rate the candidate’s performance on each part. The majority of practice for the skills portion of the test comes mainly from the training program in which the candidates enroll themselves. It is therefore important to opt for a recognised school rather than a crash course, since nothing can prepare you as much as practice skill sets over time. The second part of the exam is the written exam (or WE), which tests the candidates knowledge and critical thinking in a multiple choice format.

The exam consists of two parts – Theoretical Exam and CNA Practice Test

CNA Practice Test, Clinical Skills Test: The practical skills of a student are tested in CNA practice tests. This refers to the hands-on skills of the applicant, wherein in order to pass this test, the applicants have to demonstrate three to five nursing skills on a live subject/model. The test is closely observed by a medical examiner, wherein the student presents his/her abilities and skills in hand-washing procedures, helping a patient with daily life activities, moving and positioning a patient, and checking on the vital signs (blood-pressure, pulse, temperature).

Both the exams need to be taken in order to become a certified nursing assistant. Before the certification test, the applicant has to fill a state application form at the Nursing Aide Registry licensing authority and has to sign, notarize and then send this application form to the State Licensing Office. Candidates also need to fill a verification training form in order to ensure that the training courses that he/she attended were part of an acredited program. The application form will then be sent to the Nurse Aide Registry to facilitate obtaining the applicant’s license.

Tips for CNA Exam:

  • It is important for the candidate to remain relaxed and in control, a fact which is often overlooked and ignored. In case of tense situations, it is quite possible for the instructor to think that you are not ready and will dock points
  • The higher the score, the higher the CNA salary and wages will be. Therefore, the candidate must ensure that she is ready to excel in the test before taking it, since it could also cost quite a lot of money if not done well.
  • Watch videos/DVDs to help you learn the necessary practical skills. Visual and audio teaching aids are also helpful for studying for the theoretical part of the exam.
  • Make sure you review how to study. There is a lot of material available in books and online that shows you how to study most effectively. In particular, learn the special techniques and tricks to give your best performance on multiple-choice questions.
  • Practice lots of exam questions and force yourself to do them under timed conditions in order to simulate the actual exam conditions and practice thinking under pressure.

The following book, CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram, has a lot of good reviews on Amazon from people who have used it to help with improving their performance on the CNA exam. The book comes with a CD. Click on the link or image below to see details and read reviews.

The following DVD/video to help with practical skills, Mosby’s Nursing Assistant Video Skills – Student Version DVD 3.0, 3e also has excellent reviews on Amazon. See details and read reviews by clicking on the link or the image below.

You can investigate more books to help you with your studies on the CNA exam here.

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