CNA Training Class and CNA Exam

by admin on May 29, 2012

Many of us wish to be nurses. Not everyone can be one though. To become a nurse, you not only need to be qualified but certified too. In this article, you can get information on where to find a CNA training class and how to go about giving the CNA Exam.

CNA Training Exam

CNA Training Exam

With technology growing in leaps and bounds, everything is now available at the click of a mouse. In such a scenario how can trainings miss out on this? If you are hard pressed for time or have financial constraints, then you can opt for an online CNA training. Online training programs are not only popular, but highly in demand. Opting for an online training course vis a vis classroom is more convenient and affordable too, allowing the student to study and learn at their own pace. It is most beneficial for working people.

Red Cross Offers CNA Training in Many States

There are countless CNA training options available to choose from. Red Cross offers Classroom trainings in most states and it is quite popular and much in demand. However, there is a drawback to the Red Cross offering, as it is not easily available in all states / locations. If you want to take up the Red Cross training program and there is no classroom class available in your location, then you can choose to sign up for their online training program.

Apart from Red Cross, there are others too offering online training programs of high quality with an online CNA certification. Most of these training programs are accepted and recognized nationwide and therefore make a great alternative to conventional classroom classes offered by hospitals and nursing schools.

Many Jobs who Completed CNA Training and Exam

To successfully complete an online course, one needs to be much disciplined to complete the self study training. The major flaw of an online training is the lack of hands-on experience. It is definitely cost effective, but there is nothing like a hands-on experience. Besides, conventional classroom trainings maybe expensive, but at the end of the day they do often guarantee you getting a job.

The CNA Exam is final hurdle for a nursing student and he / she must pass this test to become eligible for employment and to get listed on the Nurse Aide Registry of a particular state.

The CNA certification exam is designed to evaluate the students on their knowledge, abilities and skills that are required to be a successful nursing assistant. The CNA exam comprises of two sections namely written/oral exam and a skills examination. A candidate has to successfully pass in both the sections for obtaining the certification and getting eligible for an entry level position.

CNA Training Classes In two Languages

There is a Spanish and English oral version too available for those who are not comfortable taking the English written exam. The second part of the CNA Test is very tricky. It requires a student to show competency in performing at least 5 hands on skills. These skills are chosen randomly form a list and assigned to the candidate.

Candidates are graded on the performance of these hands on skills by the designated evaluator.

Candidates can do practice tests and view the certification video before they appear for the actual CNA Test. This will enable them to not only prepare well, but also do well in the CNA Test.

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