How Much Does a CNA Make in New Mexico?

According to data analyzed from salary “dot” com, the “average” median salary or pay of a CNA in New Mexico in 2013 was $26,051 per year (or $13.03 per hour). Here “average” means the average of the median salaries from two or more specific regions of the state (in some cases only one region was surveyed, in which case the average is simply the median). The number of regions surveyed varies between 1 and 16. The smallest 10th and largest 90th percentiles in the state were $10.35 and $16.18 per hour respectively. These figures, although they answer the question, “How much does a CNA make in New Mexico?” should be interpreted with caution because they are derived from surveys of limited regions of the state and do not indicate the spread in experience level or role of the CNA personnel in question. Also, the figures are a snapshot and change with time. [Another thing to be wary of is that the conversion between hourly salaries and annual salaries is only approximate and simply assumes 2000 working hours in one year.] The New Mexico salaries can be compared with the national averages of $28,874 per year and $14.44 per hour respectively.

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