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by admin on April 14, 2012

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CNA Training Online

CNA training online is available for a low cost for those who want to be trained to become a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant). A student must be sure the online course they take complies with their state’s requirements for CNA certification. Online CNA students must then take and pass a CNA certification test. Upon passing the test they are eligible to work in private homes and other types of nursing care facilities. Full time CNA’s earn approximately $36,450.00 a year.

CNA training includes classes such as Biology, Pharmacology, Chemistry and clinical nursing procedures. Students learn how to take vital signs such as taking a patients blood pressure, temperature and pulse, how to properly transport a patient, proper techniques of lifting, positioning a patient in bed, changing a bedpan, giving bed baths, feeding and possibly even administering medication. They also are required to become certified in first aid and CPR. A student must learn proper hand washing techniques and how to keep diseases from spreading.

After passing the CNA training online course the student must apply to take the CNA certification test. The test consists of 2 parts, a written and a hands on test. The written part of the exam shows the students ability to know and understand medical care giving concepts that they learned while enrolled in the CNA training. The hands on part shows their ability to apply proper nursing techniques while a state licensed nursing teacher grades them on their skills.

The student must demonstrate their ability to apply 5 different nursing techniques as part of the hands on section of the exam. The student may or may not be allowed to choose the 5 techniques that they learned in clinical nursing procedures. They may be asked to take a patients vital signs, safely transport a patient from a bed to a chair and back again, position a patient for care, change bedding and they may be asked to demonstrate feeding a patient. Upon completing the hands on part of the exam the student will be told whether or not they have passed the exam.

Jobs in the medical profession are plentiful so those interested in working as a CNA should have no problem finding a job. Often a CNA will want to return to school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). Those working in this field find that caring for a patient to be a very satisfying type of work although the work often entails caring for many patients in the course of a day. With proper CNA training a CNA can safely demonstrate their ability to assist a nurse and doctor in the daily care of a patient.

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